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Huge bulk offer worth over £1000 - Sale » Guns and ammunition » Long gunsAd number: 82206

Huge bulk offer worth over £1000 Huge bulk offer worth over £1000 - Sale Huge bulk offer worth over £1000 - Sale Huge bulk offer worth over £1000 - Sale Huge bulk offer worth over £1000 - Sale Huge bulk offer worth over £1000 - Sale
Date added: 01.02.2018, 10:50Displayed: 536x

Description: I am selling all of my airsoft gear. I bought it all last year and then broke my leg. I have not been out since then and dont have the time anymore. The guns have not been fired outside my own yard(was to test them). the kit is all new - unused!. I have included a receipt for some of the items shown so you can see some of the costs. I have bought way more than the picture of the receipt, new camo clothing , new tactical gear, new boots, new grenade, new laser sight, new goggles, etc. the list is endless. I am selling all the gear as a bulk offer for £725.00 - Based in Oxford This is a bargain, additional items bought not on the receipt can be seen in the pics. Collection only- Oxford

Price: 725 £

Locality: South East England

Contact information:
Advertiser: Hug33

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