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RFID Domination Timer - Sale » Guns and ammunition » AccessoriesAd number: 183297

RFID Domination Timer RFID Domination Timer - Sale RFID Domination Timer - Sale RFID Domination Timer - Sale RFID Domination Timer - Sale RFID Domination Timer - Sale
Date added: 14.06.2021, 15:42Displayed: 1184x

Description: I offer a SOFTWARE (program only) for stopwatches built on the Arduino platform for 2 teams that play against each other. The stopwatch is suitable for Capture Point game mode for Airsoft, Paintball. The aim of the game is to occupy and keep the point as long as possible. The stopwatch allows you to occupy a point by attaching an RFID card. The buzzer announces the change, the LED of the team lights up and the time on the display starts to count down. The time is counted until a member of the other team or a referee who can break the time presents the card. The last option with an RFID card in the system is Eraser, which stops and resets the time. More info in PM :-) or via MAIL

Price: 30 £

Locality: Košický kraj

Contact information:
Advertiser: martinius96

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